The name of the company was inspired by the Greek goddess Leto, mother of twins Apollo and Artemis, the personification of maternal devotion and love. LETO is the beauty of people, ideas, and traditions, it is a story about vivid family memories, embodied in crystal glass and noble metals, which will continue in the hearts of generations.
Three women were united by the idea to create unique products. They are bound by love for art and traditional family values instilled into them since childhood and embodied in the LETO sculptural compositions.
Creation of LETO sculptural compositions
LETO company founders
LETO masters perfected the ancient Italian technique of casting and combined it with life casting – the most recent technique of creating three-dimensional forms. This approach allowed them to reconstruct the smallest details, from individual lines on the palms to the cute folds on the feet. Everything that the nature created will be carefully preserved for centuries in the LETO sculpture.
Traditions and innovations
Irina Pochitaeva – physician, Doctor of Medicine, founder of the Just For You balanced diet project, mother of five children.
Tatiana Del Deo - entrepreneur, Aldo Coppola Russia board member, partner of jewelry brand DELDeo studios and Studio Romolo Atelier art school.
Liliya Seleznyova – art-manager, organizer of several exhibition projects in major museums of the world, including joint projects with the fashion historian Aleksandr Vasiliev’s Foundation.