LETO hand-sculpted compositions and molds

LETO miniatures is the family history. Our mission is to keep it alive. Therefore we created a symbol that would absorb all emotions and the thrill of the moment when our heirs are born. By preserving these moments in the memory and talking about them to future generations, families keep the link between parents and children and strengthen respect towards their ancestors.
Family traditions and continuity of generations are worthy of respect and admiration. People are happier in families with such values, because they have something to support them. Following these traditions helps family members find a sense of stability and fills them with warmth for many years to come. The LETO family memorial will preserve everything that will stay in the memory of generations.
The value of a family - is the generational bridge
Preserving your dearest memories
Each LETO sculpture is one of a kind. Our craftsmen carefully make sure that no detail is overlooked and the intent of nature is accurately conveyed. Living family memories, embodied in crystal glass and noble metals, become a real work of art and a value that will stay with your family for centuries.
Created to last forever
A gift certificate to create a unique LETO sculpture miniature.

Combining modern technology with Renaissance traditions we give you a unique opportunity to become a co-creator of a personalized work of art with high artistic value.

Preserving your dearest memories. Created to last forever.
Gift Certificate