The creation of LETO sculptures is a delicate and painstaking process.

The process of taking a mold of a baby's hands and feet is the first stage of creating a sculptural composition.

It is a fast, most comfortable and safe process, which we have brought to perfection. The material we use is called “alginate”. It is an organic material based on seaweed.
At the second stage, gypsum is poured into the stock molds and we get the most accurate and durable sculptural copy, which we keep for 10 years for possible future works.

Our LETO masters supervise and carefully check every stage of the creation of the sculpture. They don't miss a single detail and accurately convey the true intent of nature.
At the third stage, we use the original “lost-wax” casting technique that appeared at the dawn of civilization.

The exact wax model of the miniature reproduces the smallest details – from individual lines on the baby’s palms to cute folds on his or her feet.

The wax heats up and melts, thus making room for glass or metal. The mastery of ancient casting technologies is our pride and our mark of quality.
The final stage is the processing of the sculpture. Our masters grind and polish the miniature with the utmost precision and accuracy to make it ready for the upcoming meeting with you.

The high level of details and handmade ingenuity are a peculiarity of our works. In this respect, our art work is quite similar to jewelry.